Our Mission

The mission of Little Eric's Foundation is to support research, raise awareness and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families in the hope of finding a cure for Pediatric Brain & Childhood Cancers. NO CHILD SHOULD EVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT LOSING THEIR CHILDHOOD OR THEIR LIFE TO CANCER!

Learn about the amazing 14-year-old we affectionately call "Little E", how his story inspired the creation of this foundation, and why we hold it so close to our hearts.


We are now members of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2)-a collaborative network of organizations and individuals supporting and serving the childhood cancer community!


2017 "Little Eric's Game Night - Play for a Cure" Sponsors and Donors

Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors and attendees for helping to make this year's "Little Eric's Game Night - Play for a Cure" a huge success!

1000 Diamond Sponsor Board 2017
500 Spade & 300 Heart Sponsor Board 2017
Prize & Monetary Donor Board 2017